Cute Custom Phone Cases in Manila from Whimsical Pieces

When it comes to changing phone cases, I can be the pickiest person ever because I have this weird criteria where the phone case has to be a certain shade of purple or lilac, plus the design has to have some sort of meaning.

My previous phone case was actually highly customized in the same lilac theme as my blog, with the blog’s logo, and with the quote: “My thoughts create my world,” an excerpt from one of my favorite book series in high school, Sloppy Firsts.

But I’ve had that case for almost two years now, and it’s begun to wear and tear—I’ve actually been meaning to replace it, but because of my weird criteria, I just could never find the right or perfect phone case.

That is—until I was introduced to Whimsical Pieces, an online shop that sells the cutest phone cases in Manila! They have an assortment of soft and hard cases for different tastes and personalities. What’s great about them is that you can also customize your own case—if you want to do something similar to what I did where I had my blog’s logo printed in a specific color, and added a quote, you can do that with them as well.

They offer cases for iPhones, Samsung phones, Oppo phones, ASUS phones, etc. so if you want to customize a design for a particular phone, you just need to let them know when you order.

I love my new case from Whimsical Pieces! I chose this constellation theme that’s sort of a dark purple, because it reminded me so much of The Little Prince. My siblings and cousins all got to choose their own cases as well, and we’re all using them already!

Check out the rest of their designs here. Trust me, you’ll find so many cute cases that are so unique and will cater to any type of person.

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