Greta's Junkyard by Gretchen Gatan

Greta’s Junkyard by Gretchen Gatan

My name is Gretchen Gatan, and I’m a writer, marketing manager, and freelance makeup artist from Metro Manila, Philippines. Writing is my passion, and this blog serves as a creative outlet where I can write about all things beauty and lifestyle—and occasionally my random thoughts and tantrums.

Greta’s Junkyard is literally a dump site of my favorite things.

Random Reads

Get a chance to win a brand new touch laptop from ASUS Philippines!

Hey, everyone! ASUS Philippines is holding a contest and will be giving away a brand new touch laptop to the lucky winner! All you have to do is like their page, upload your photo on the Incredible Stories app, and write a quick caption that shares why you think your photo tells an incredible story.(…)

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Bikram Yoga Manila QC Branch: No Yoga, No Peace. Know Yoga, Know Peace.

When In Manila, with everyone obsessing about balancing their hectic schedules with healthy and fruitful lifestyles, there are many avenues in which one can easily get into a sport or a recreational activity that will surely keep one physically fit and can also serve as an outlet for stress relief. Other than running, going to(…)

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Vengeance is Sweet When It’s Silent: Writers Can Be Really Scary

I think writers can be really scary, because when you mess with them they’ll mess with you back with the one thing they’re really good at—the stories and poems they create. And they have all the power to manipulate it, or twist the story and make it look like they’re the good guys in the(…)

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Channeling Katniss and Prim at Kodanda Archery Range

One of the things I can finally cross off my bucket list is being able to try archery. Though it’s a sport that only a few people I know are into, I’ve always found it to be fascinating—especially with the bow and arrow being the weapon of choice of a favorite fictional character, Katniss Everdeen.(…)

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Ultimate Frisbee: It’s Not Just A Sport. It’s A Way of Life.

I’ve always been an athlete my whole life. From the 4th grade up until 2nd year college, I did nothing but play softball be it for my high school, ILLAM (which stands for the International Little League Association of Manila, an organization I was a part of and that I grew up with), and eventually(…)

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