Greta's Junkyard by Gretchen Gatan

Greta’s Junkyard by Gretchen Gatan

My name is Gretchen Gatan, and I’m a writer and freelance makeup artist from Metro Manila, Philippines. Writing is my passion, and this blog serves as a creative outlet where I can write about all things beauty and lifestyle—and occasionally my random thoughts and tantrums.

Greta’s Junkyard is literally a dump site of my favorite things.

Random Reads

FlapJacks Restaurant: Where Your Favorite Comfort Food Is

When in Manila, where breakfast is the most important meal of the day, FlapJacks Restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes that can definitely fulfill a hungry (or sleepy) stomach and prepare you for a good day’s work. From sweet buttermilk pancakes made out of an original recipe, to American and Filipino platters, to great combo plates—FlapJacks has(…)

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Dinner Date with KChan: Trio Family Style Italian Bistro in BGC

KChan is currently a med student in Ateneo in case I haven’t mentioned it yet. Because of the heavy work load and her mission to someday save the world (which I believe she will), we rarely get to go out on our food trips unlike before when we were in high school and college. KChan(…)

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Greta’s Junkyard Giveaway: Coffee Not Coffee Products – CLOSED

Coffee lovers, here’s your chance to try this new and exciting coffee brand from Australia: Coffee Not Coffee! I’ve been drinking their African Mango Coffee in the office, and I’m really enjoying it. It has such a unique taste that’s a combination of sweet and strong—just the way I like my coffee. It’s also helped me(…)

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Channeling Katniss and Prim at Kodanda Archery Range

One of the things I can finally cross off my bucket list is being able to try archery. Though it’s a sport that only a few people I know are into, I’ve always found it to be fascinating—especially with the bow and arrow being the weapon of choice of a favorite fictional character, Katniss Everdeen.(…)

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A Review on Panasonic’s Nano-E Hair Dryer

When it comes to hair care, I’ve begun investing in the products that I use because having inherited my mom’s fine hair strands, I get a little paranoid that I might go bald way too early in my life. This is actually one of the reasons why I got a pixie cut thrice already, even(…)

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